Faith Not Fear

  • Fearless with Max Lucado

    With endless bad news and fear from multiple avenues being broadcasted into our minds, host Max Lucado along with Greg Laurie and Steven Furtick, gives us practical steps from the word to combat fear and worry. Learn how you can be fearless in a time when the world is fearful. Featuring worship f...

  • Fearless with Max Lucado - Part 2

    When the world broadcasts fear; you can turn the channel. Tune into God’s invitation… to a life of green pastures; still waters; and a peace that surpasses your greatest expectations. In a world full of fear; you can be fear-LESS!

  • Praise with Dr. Scott Hannen

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Dr. Scott Hannen from Dallas, TX.

  • Facing Giants

    The latest Goliath entered the world not as a nine foot soldier; but as a virus. For the last 3 months; we have understood the fear a pandemic can cause; now; we must determine to face our new normal with courage. The God who helped David conquer Goliath will help us conquer fear.

  • Peace Be Still

    In a world filled with storms of stress; we can walk away from worry and into peace. Join Max Lucado and other special guests as we learn to trade in our cares for calm.

  • Be Anxious For Nothing

    In times like these; anxiety can fill our hearts and minds. But it doesn't have to dominate our life. Join Max Lucado on the journey to freedom through faith

  • In Conversation with Church Leaders

    Dan Blythe, Tim Hughes, Jon Norman and Dave Niblock discuss what the Church currently looks like across the UK, as well as what they have learnt leading Churches, during the pandemic.

  • TBN Meets: Parenting During Lockdown

    Emily talks with Andrew and Louise Cherrie as they share practical tips on how to parent well in a time of crisis.

  • TBN Meets: Marriage in a Time of Crisis

    Emily talks to Michaela Hyde and Emma Waring about how to have a strong and healthy marriage in a time of crisis.

  • TBN Meets: Managing Money During Lockdown

    Emily chats to Dr John Kirkby, founder of CAP, to discuss tips on how to manage our money well in this season.

  • TBN Meets: Mental Health During Lockdown

    Emily chats with Lily-Jo about how we can look after our mental health during this season of lockdown.

  • TBN Meets: Worship During Lockdown

    Emily chats with Lucy Grimble about the importance of worship during this season of lockdown.

  • TBN Meets: What the Church looks like in Lockdown

    Pastors Julian and Sarah Richards discuss with Emily what the Church looks like in this season of lockdown.

  • Mercy Ships
    1 season

    Mercy Ships

    1 season

    With more than 40 years’ experience of partnering with African nations and providing free surgery for the poorest people on the planet, Mercy Ships interviews leading figures and medical experts on healthcare and the Coronavirus virus - as Africa becomes the next likely epicentre.

  • Don't Be Afraid
    4 seasons

    Don't Be Afraid

    4 seasons

    Tune in every weekday morning, to worship together and hear encouraging messages, so you can start your day well.

  • When Faith Gets Shaken

    1 season

    Patrick Regan OBE interviews people from various walks of life to see how we can discover treasure in life’s scars.

  • Healing In Jesus Name

    1 season

    In this four part series, healing evangelist John Mellor, teaches Biblical principles for receiving healing and praying for the sick.

  • Joseph of Arimathea

    1 season

    Ken Costa shares with us 7 leadership lessons from the life of Joseph of Arimathea that we can learn from in times of crisis.

  • Hope in Times of Crisis

    Join Alan Scotland, as he explores what it means to walk in the Kingdom of God.

  • Power In The Blood Of Jesus

    Join Daniel Chand for some dynamic preaching on evangelism and identity, which will empower you to walk like Jesus.

  • Stress And Anxiety

    Forward Thinking is an opportunity to be prepared for some of the common challenges that we may face, be that disappointment, low-confidence, addiction or loss.

  • Pray Away Anxiety

    Join David Ingall, the Vicar of St Sepulchre's in the City of London, on this special episode about how to pray away anxiety.

  • Receive Your Healing

    Join Stu Glassborow from Catch The Fire London, as he shares with you inspiring and life changing talks on encountering the fullness of God and then finding who we are in Him.

  • God Is Working

    Dr Amy Orr-Ewing looks at how God can reverse situations completely. God used Haman's inflated pride to humble him and instead uplift Mordecai, a righteous man.