Holding Onto Hope In Relationships

Holding Onto Hope In Relationships

8 Episodes

Join Rob and Bernadette Wall as they discuss with guests how to remain hopeful in times of despair and challenges in relationships.

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Holding Onto Hope In Relationships
  • Holding on to Hope

    Episode 1

    Rob and Bernadette Wall share their story and discuss expectations verses experience.

  • From Despair To Hope

    Episode 2

    Bernadette Ocampo-Wall talks to her mother-in-law, Colette Wall, about the challenging process of forgiveness and healing when your spouse leaves.

  • Tactical Touches In Relationships

    Episode 3

    Rob and Bernadette Ocampo-Wall discuss the need to be able to discern what situations and circumstances need our personal touch.

  • How God Restored Our Marriage

    Episode 4

    Join Rob and Bernadette Ocampo-Wall as they talk to Jeremy and Jennifer Foster, married for 20 years, about how God brought total forgiveness to a broken relationship.

  • Pain And Promise

    Episode 5

    Join Rob and Bernadette Ocampo-Wall as they chat to Dan and Charlie Blythe from Hillsong Church London about their relationship story.

  • Commitment In A Culture Of Choice

    Episode 6

    Rob and Bernadette Ocampo-Wall meet again with Dan and Charlie Blythe and talk to them about ministering to young people about making good relationship decisions.

  • Suffering Strong

    Episode 7

    Rob and Bernadette Ocampo-Wall talk to Katherine Wolf about her incredible life, after pain and suffering from a stroke, to receiving joy in the Lord.

  • Dealing with Death

    Episode 8

    Rob Wall opens up about the loss of his best friend at a young age and looks at how death can bring fresh perspective on life.