Recovery Course

Recovery Course

2 Seasons

The Recovery Course follows the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but as they were originally intended. A set of spiritual steps where we put Christ back at the heart of recovery. The course recognises that our destructive habits are a consequence of pain, hurt, a broken relationship, loneliness or an issue from childhood.

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Recovery Course
  • Session 1 with Louise Hansford and Ian McDowell

    Episode 1

    Emma Heath interviews Ian McDowell from Tough Talk. Louise Hansford also shares her testimony and her journey of recovery from cocaine and heroin addiction.

  • Session 2 with Israel Douglas and Mandy Ogunmokun

    Episode 2

    Jesus Christ changes lives! Emma Heath hears the incredible testimonies from Mandy Ogunmokun and Israel Douglas who share their testimonies coming from a life of crime, to now living for Jesus.

  • Session 3 with Robert Hart and Steve Burnett

    Episode 3

    Ready for a challenge? Join Emma Heath and Joe Lampshire as they take us through the steps of the Recovery Course and speak to Steve Burnett and Robert Hart about how Jesus transformed their lives.