Start Your Day with TBN UK

Start Your Day with TBN UK

59 Episodes

Start your day well with our new programme of inspiring messages to put you in the mood for a brand new day walking with Christ.

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Start Your Day with TBN UK
  • Praying for Family with Abbiih Oloyede

    Episode 1

    Families come in all shapes and sizes. Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to bring our friends and family before the Lord in prayer.

  • Touching Jesus with Rajinder Buxton

    Episode 2

    We can overcome! Rajinder Buxton shares the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark chapter 5.

  • The Counselor with Abbiih Oloyede

    Episode 3

    Where can we get help from? Abbiih Oloyede reminds us when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we have the The Holy Spirit to guide us.

  • Righteousness and Peace with Karen Marais

    Episode 4

    Discipline and forgiveness yields righteousness and peace. Karen Marais explains how we can access peace that is our inheritance.

  • Shoes of Peace with Karen Marais

    Episode 5

    Want to stop fear, worry and anxiety? Karen Marais reflects on the benefits of living in God's peace and wearing the armour of God.

  • God Sees You with Mimi Ajala

    Episode 6

    Feeling insignificant? Mimi Ajala looks at how Hagar encountered an angel of God after running away from her mistress who treated her harshly.

  • Produce Peace with Karen Marais

    Episode 7

    How can we produce peace? Karen Marais looks at how we should be governed more by the Holy Spirit which leads to life and peace.

  • Live Out Hope with Howard Satterthwaite

    Episode 8

    Getting squeezed into the worlds mould? Howard Satterthwaite explores how Daniel and his friends stuck to their beliefs while they were in exile.

  • Sufficient with Mimi Ajala

    Episode 9

    We may be in a pandemic and a recession but we can tap into the blessing of Abraham. Mimi Ajala looks at how God equips and sustains His children.

  • Nature of Peace with Karen Marais

    Episode 10

    We all have a lack of peace at times. Karen Marais delves deeper into the nature of God's peace that transcends all understanding.

  • Faith and Testimony with Tania Angel

    Episode 11

    Not ashamed of the Gospel. Tania Angel gives testimonies of how she shared the Gospel with people on the streets.

  • Where is God with Mimi Ajala

    Episode 12

    We all end up asking the question at times 'Where are you God?' Mimi Ajala examines the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis for answers.

  • Endure with Karen Marais

    Episode 13

    Feeling weary? Karen Marais encourages us to persevere under testing and patiently endure, enabling us to enter into untold blessings of God.

  • Above Every Other Name with Howard Satterthwaite

    Episode 14

    Why is Christianity different to other faiths? Howard Satterthwaite challenges us to hold onto the truth and hope of Jesus Christ.

  • Your Mouth with Mimi Ajala

    Episode 15

    What are you using your mouth to do? Mimi Ajala asks us to consider what we say and speak positively into situations.

  • Not Alone with Howard Satterthwaite

    Episode 16

    Howard Satterwaite explores the tangible presence of God with the Israelites throughout history, even as they went into captivity.

  • Running to the Father with Ashley Davidson

    Episode 17

    What is it like to held in the arms of the Father? Ashley Davidson paints a picture of the peace that God offers us.

  • Covering of Peace with Mimi Ajala

    Episode 18

    The Bible says be anxious for nothing. Mimi Ajala tells us that no matter what the circumstance is, everything will be well.

  • End of Your Rope with Dan Cook

    Episode 19

    Life is not always easy. Dan Cook reminds us that as we decrease, Christ increases in us.

  • There is Hope with Howard Satterthwaite

    Episode 20

    Is God really absolutely in control? Howard Satterwaite reminds us victory is now here!

  • Saving Sheep with Dan Cook

    Episode 21

    Dan Cook looks at how Jesus, the shepherd, leaves the 99 sheep behind to find the one that is missing.

  • Bride of Christ with Ashley Davidson

    Episode 22

    Ashley Davidson takes us on a beautiful journey through the book of Songs of Solomon.

  • Come to Life with Ashley Davidson

    Episode 23

    Are you thirsty? Ashley Davidson explores how we become whole when we are joined to Christ.

  • Enjoying Life with Phillip Thomas

    Episode 24

    How can we maximise our moments? Phillip Thomas explains how we can evolve and grow while on our journey with God.