State of Faith Praise Specials

State of Faith Praise Specials

7 Episodes

The State of Faith Praise Specials combines the rich history of the Christian faith across two millennia with incredible contemporary stories of God’s mercy in action today through believers across the earth!

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State of Faith Praise Specials
  • Israel

    Episode 1

    A Praise Special from the epicentre of Christianity, the land where Jesus walked.

  • Northern Europe

    Episode 2

    Discover how God is working in Northern Europe through powerful personal testimonies.

  • Latin America

    Episode 3

    Uncover the unknown stories from Latin America of God’s grace amidst horrific oppression, annihilation and death in the “New World” of Columbus and the Conquistadors.

  • North America

    Episode 4

    What are the Christian roots in Canada, Greenland and the United States of America? Where is revival happening in these areas today? We'll answer these questions and more, as we explore more of the story of Christianity in North America with The State of Faith.

  • Northeast Asia

    Episode 5

    Why were the nations of Asia so resistant to the Christian message? Discover powerful stories of life and death.

  • Southern Hemisphere

    Episode 6

    Re-live how the message of Jesus traveled to the Southern Hemisphere and discover the land of greatest growth for Christianity.

  • Southern Europe

    Episode 7

    Meet people whose life has been changed by the power of God in Southern Europe.