TBN Meets

TBN Meets

5 Episodes

TBN Meets - where faith meets culture. Hear from Christian ministries, innovaters, authors, artists and creatives.

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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets: William Porter

    Episode 1

    Genelle Aldred Meets William Porter, an accomplished solicitor and author, and heads up the UK Houses of Prayer network.

  • TBN Meets: Alexandra McDonald

    Episode 2

    Genelle Aldred Meets Alexandra McDonald, the Commercial Director of SPCK Publishing, the largest Christian publisher in the UK.

  • TBN Meets: Bill Wilson

    Episode 3

    Genelle Aldred Meets Bill Wilson, the founder and Senior Pastor of Metro World Child, America's largest ministry to children with branches all around the world.

  • TBN Meets: Rev Chris Lee

    Episode 4

    Emily Martin Meets Rev Christopher Lee, vicar of St Saviour’s Church in West London, who has risen to fame recently for spreading the Word of God on social media and to young people.

  • TBN Meets: Andy Gilbert

    Episode 5

    Genelle Aldred Meets Andy Gilbert who works for Christian charity the Prama Foundation - heading up the Dementia Friendly Churches project.