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TBN Meets

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TBN Meets - where faith meets culture. Hear from Christian ministries, innovaters, authors, artists and creatives.

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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets Chris Lee

    Episode 1

    Emily Martin Meets Rev Christopher Lee, vicar of St Saviour’s Church in West London, who has risen to fame recently for spreading the Word of God on social media and to young people.

  • TBN Meets Tanya Chand

    Episode 2

    Emily Martin Meets Tanya Chand, an inspirational speaker, author and Operations Director of Walking Like Jesus ministry.

  • TBN Meets Bible Society

    Episode 3

    Emily Martin Meets Nigel Langford, Head of Church Relations at Bible Society.

  • TBN Meets Ben Jones

    Episode 4

    Richard Fleming Meets Ben Jones, the Founder and Trustee of Missional Generation, a charity who teach and support young people to create missional shaped lives and raise youth leaders in today’s society.

  • TBN Meets Christians Care

    Episode 5

    Emily Martin Meets Don Horwitz, the Executive Director of Christians Care International, a charity which brings together Christians from around the world to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

  • TBN Meets Compassion

    Episode 6

    Emily Martin Meets Justin Dowds, the CEO of Compassion, which is a leading children's charity running for over 66 years, allowing children to escape the suffering and fear poverty brings.