TBN Presents: Alex McLean

TBN Presents: Alex McLean

5 Episodes

This series aims to help young people walk in the authority that is available to them in Christ Jesus and to inspire them to know what life as a kingdom ambassador is like.

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TBN Presents: Alex McLean
  • He's Waiting To Welcome You

    Episode 1

    We are on the brink of revelation! Youth Pastor Alex McLean shares his testimony and the parable of the prodigal son.

  • The Righteousness Of God

    Episode 2

    The righteous man shall live by faith. Alex McLean teaches us that as believers, Christ has deemed us not guilty!

  • Union - A Daily Reality

    Episode 3

    The awareness of our union with Jesus, as Christians, comes from the Holy Spirit. Alex McLean encourages us to intentionally spend one on one time with Father God.

  • Culture Clash

    Episode 4

    What culture will you be for? Alex McLean looks at the practises of the early Christians in the book of Acts.

  • How To Function In A World That Hates You

    Episode 1

    As a Christian, we can become enemy number one for what we stand for. Alex McLean encourages us that Jesus is interceding for us, as it becomes increasingly difficult to share our faith.