TBN Presents: David Peterson

TBN Presents: David Peterson

3 Seasons

Reverend David Peterson conveys a revitalising series looking at how we should stay connected to God in a fun and encouraging way.

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TBN Presents: David Peterson
  • Make The Holy Spirit Your Best Friend

    Episode 1

    The Holy Spirit will never ever let us down. David Peterson encourages us to make the Holy Spirit our closest, most intimate friend.

  • Tell Fear Come

    Episode 2

    Afraid of doing something God has told us to do? David Peterson delves deeper into the story of Gideon, when he did what God wanted, despite feeling fearful.

  • Worship In Your Pain

    Episode 3

    How can we worship when we experience hardship and suffering? David Peterson teaches from the story of Job and shares his own experience of his father passing away.

  • Evangelism

    Episode 4

    Jesus set the disciples on a mission to evangelise and tell the world about the Good News. David Peterson looks at the different ways we can reach out to the world around us with the fire and passion from the Holy Spirit.

  • A Sign You Have Been Deemed Worthy

    Episode 5

    Join David Peterson as he preaches from the book of Acts exploring how the persecution of the believers deems them worthy.

  • Divine Nature

    Episode 6

    David Peterson unpacks the words of Jesus on the cross, when he cries out to God saying, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

  • In My Weakness Your Strength Is Made Perfect

    Episode 7

    Rev David Peterson explores how when we take our weakness and hand it to God, He produces gold.

  • The Power Of Love

    Episode 8

    What is there more powerful than love? Rev David Peterson looks at times where we think we need deliverance, but God knows, we just need to be loved.

  • You Can Stop That Sin

    Episode 9

    Sin separates us from God. David Peterson encourages us that we can overcome, defeat our sin and repent.