TBN Presents : Keeth Bandara

TBN Presents : Keeth Bandara

2 Seasons

What do you do when God speaks? Sometimes there is a response that takes place from the hearer, this will determine His promise coming to fruition at the appointed time. These talks encourage us to consider the strategy to help create an atmosphere that is conducive to the promise.

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TBN Presents : Keeth Bandara
  • Relationships Produce Power

    Episode 1

    Whether we are single, dating, complicated or married, God is interested in our relationship status. Keeth Bandara looks at the second most important commandment; loving our neighbour.

  • While You Wait

    Episode 2

    What happens while you wait for the one? Keeth Bandara encourages us there is wisdom in God to navigate through relationships in every situation we find ourselves in.

  • Before You Say I Do

    Episode 3

    Dating or engaged? Keeth Bandara unpacks how we can be set up for a successful, Godly marriage before we walk down the aisle.