Toddlers Teens and Inbetweens

Toddlers Teens and Inbetweens

3 Episodes

Join Andrew and Louise Cherrie, pastors of Home Church, for a brand new parenting show for advice and experiences from the wonderful world of parenting. In each episode, different topics are discussed with their children and special guests.

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Toddlers Teens and Inbetweens
  • Parenting Potential

    Episode 1

    Join Pastors Andrew and Louise Cherrie as they talk about parenting, covering topics such as how to talk to teenagers, dealing with peer pressure and how to draw out our child's full potential.

  • How To Talk To Teens

    Episode 2

    Have we forgotten what it’s like to be a teenager? It’s time to listen to our kids and hearing from them will help us understand how we can better talk to them.

  • Anxiety
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Andrew and Louise Cherrie discuss: How can we practically help our children when they feel anxious, and as parents, how do we deal with anxiety without projecting that to our children?