• In Conversation with Church Leaders

    Dan Blythe, Tim Hughes, Jon Norman and Dave Niblock discuss what the Church currently looks like across the UK, as well as what they have learnt leading Churches, during the pandemic.

  • Captain Concorde with Captain Brian Walpole OBE

    Join us for a very special interview with Captain Brian Walpole, OBE, as he shares how he became general manager of Concorde, flying the Royal Family and Prime Ministers across the world — and how he came to know God.

  • Praise with John Gray and Joel Osteen - Racial Reconciliation

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host John Gray and Joel Osteen - Racial Reconciliation

  • Big Church Day Out 2020 special

    Enjoy Big Church Day Out from home, as we bring you highlights from previous years and exclusive interviews about the story of BCDO with Tim Jupp and Gemma Hunt.

  • Praise with T.D. Jakes - Hope in These Present Times

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Bishop T.D. Jakes to discuss Hope in These Present Times

  • Hunger for God

    Join Daniel Chand for some dynamic preaching on evangelism and identity, which will empower you to walk like Jesus.

  • Facing Giants

    The latest Goliath entered the world not as a nine foot soldier; but as a virus. For the last 3 months; we have understood the fear a pandemic can cause; now; we must determine to face our new normal with courage. The God who helped David conquer Goliath will help us conquer fear.

  • Emma Heath

    Emily speaks to Emma Heath, as she shares her story of recovery. They speak about how lockdown has affected addicts and what the Church can be doing to be more open in talking on the subject of addiction.